Usery Pass

In order to take advantage of this beautiful Arizona weather, Darren and I went for a day hike up Usery Pass. We usually aren't super fans of desert hikes but we had a good time :)

Family Time is the Best Time!

We love the holidays, especially because we get to spend them with the ones we love Here are some things we were able to do with family this year:

Christmas morning. Me in my robe and Tiffany looking beautiful as always :)

We also were able to Skype with this awesome sister missionary! We sure missed her this year but are so proud of her for the great work she in accomplishing in Portugal.

P.S. I've said it before...but I really do have the most amazing sisters!! They are so strong, both mentally and spiritually. I look up to them so much and I cannot imagine my life without them :)

ugly sweater party with family

I love that my grandma is rocking a Beatles t-shirt...haha :)

Yeah..she is definitely the winner!

New Year's Eve with the Phoenix Symphony

drinks after :)

Indian food at The Dhaba in Tempe. I love Indian food. I can't believe I have lived most of my life without it.

Look at that spread. was amazing!! (p.s. this wasn't just for Darren and I. My mom and Tiff were there too). I do have a pretty hearty appetite but this would surpass my limit for sure :)

And last but not least...we attended a picnic to celebrate the marriage of my Grandpa Williams to Theresa Gardner. It was a beautiful day, especially to have the new Gilbert Temple in the background. 

Ugly Sweater Party...Round 2

'Tis the Season to Rock Ugly Sweaters.....and WE DID!! 
Here are some pictures from our 2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Party!! We'd like to thank Goodwill, the official sponsor of Ugly Sweater Parties everywhere. :)

Didn't Darren do an amazing job on the veggie Christmas tree?!? I love when ideas are executed according to plan (which is not always the case when Pinterest is involved...haha :)

Grinch Kabobs

our penguin army...aren't they cute?

Christmas photo booth

Todd and Kara Callan

Staci and Stephen Stender

um...not sure? haha :)

Eric and Jessica Roberts

Justin and Kylee Greer

Chris and Leigh Wheatley

Our faux fireplace from last year with a little embellishment. I think it looks pretty legit.

if we had made this into a contest, Kylee would have won with her 3-D version. Awesome!!

this was part of Eric's white elephant gift. We all had a good laugh while reading some of the entries inside. Hibernating rattlesnakes anyone? LOL!

That sweater is definitely U-G-L-Y!! Or should I say UGLIEST. Congrats on the trophy. It's going to look great in your trophy case :)

The Top 3. Great job on the sweaters!! You definitely deserved to win.

We didn't think we could top last year's trophy but I think we succeeded. Watching Darren dismantle a beanie baby to provide a sweater and hat will haunt me for some time. :)

Thanksgiving 2013

For Thanksgiving this year we went to my cousin Amber's house in San Tan Valley. She is an amazing cook! It was so sweet of her to invite us. We got to meet her daughter Mackenzie plus see these two people (Aunt April and Uncle Rick) whom I haven't seen in forever:

Birds Flyin' High...

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Darren surprised me (yes...another surprise) with tickets to see this guy:

We had a lot of fun at his concert. Thanks babe for always thinking of me, even when you know you'll have to share my attention for one night :)

Better late than never

Darren and I had a fun idea to take a day trip to Mt. Lemmon outside of Tucson to see some fall colors. didn't turn out so well. The only leaves left were on the ground. Bummer! Oh well, it was still fun to visit a new place. Next time we'll call the ranger station first. :)

But after our drive down the mountain, we had dinner here. It was so yummy!! We have since found the tamales at our local Wholefoods Market. We have definitely splurged more than once :)

Fantastic Fall!

Fall is such a fun time of year, in fact it may be my favorite time of year. What made it even better this year was spending time with family and friends.

Darren and his dad home from an ASU game. They had a lot of fun (as if you couldn't tell) :o)

grandma and grandpa with the grandkids at Schnepf Farms

Hendrix loved the mini golf

this guy was totally legit

Off to the corn maze. And I never get to see the back of my head. It's definitely time to cut my hair.

I think Uncle Darren had more fun than some of the kids :)

Pumpkin Carving Party!! Congratulations to the Callan's for the most creative pumpkin

Waldo and Wenda had fun dressing up for the ward fall festival. In case you don't know who Wenda is, she is Waldo's "current" girlfriend. She replaced her twin sister Wilma who was the previous "current" girlfriend. Maybe Wilma is the one who penned the term, "Where's Waldo?" haha "Um...he's with your sister." :o)

I think we pulled it off pretty well don't you?