Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

I think our first Ugly Sweater Party was a success. Here are some fun pics from the night:

Our party food for the night: roasted chickpeas, strawberry oat bars, chocolate peppermint cookies, cinnamon stix with peanut butter dip, crackers with salsa hummus, and veggies and hummus

punch glasses edged with crushed candy canes to go along with the tropical, peppermint nog/smoothie

Darren's ugly sweater

and my gorgeous, wreath covered turtleneck

Ryan and Emily Robbins with their awesome white elephant gifts. Ryan was excited about target practice. Poor Justin :(

Eric and Jessica Roberts

Derek and Emily Pratt. Soup and the Sounds of Blackness. Sounds like a fun date night :)

Chris and Nancy Dyson: Birds of a Feather certainly swing together :)

The funniest moment of the night was when Ryan sat down onto his plate of food. His comment was priceless ... "Well...this night just became a lot more interesting!" haha.  It was even funnier when not 5 minutes later Ryan commented on Emily having something on her backside. She had apparently sat down on some food as well, although she couldn't remember when or how. So to memorialize this night in Christmas Party History, we took a picture:

It was hilarious! We all laughed so hard our cheeks pun intended!!
Ugly Sweater Contest Winners: Ryan won the "SO-HO-HO Ugliest" Ribbon
and took home the coveted trophy. Those are some awesome sweaters!

The Coveted Trophy in all it's glory. He might be missing some pants...but that Rudolph sweater rocks!!
3 Responses
  1. Looks like fun and love the sweaters :)

  2. The Waites Says:

    I have been having a ball catching up on your blog! You guys sure do your best to keep life fun and entertaining! I love the ugly sweater party! So fun! And the faux fireplace looks great!

    That is so fun that you and Darren got to be a Ma and Pa on a trek!! I love all things Trek! Where was that?? It looks familiar.

    Anyway, it sounds like you guys are doing great!! You have such an adorable, strong relationship! I hope things are going well for you guys! I think about you often. We need to get together one of these days!! =)

  3. Lol!! I died laughing at the food on bum